Boot Camp

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional

Let Us Be Your Guide

Take what you need - Leave what you can

Subjective level

Learn how to buy, sell, and invest from industry experts and real estate professionals.

Individual level

Gain the confidence and clarity to align with the solution rather than work around the problem. 

Group level

Develop skills specific to collaborative efforts, allowing agents access to a pool of knowledge.
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A complete educational program for agents joining the Thrive family. 

Workshop weeks

We feature a series of special workshops led by our instructors and guest experts.

Thrive Family

All Thrive agents will have the opportunity in providing their family and friends access to several virtual courses that promote health and wellness. 

Certificates & badges

Earn certificates for course completion. Obtain badges for reaching knowledge tiers. 


Teamwork makes the dream work

Thrive Realty is a boutique brokerage that strives to be the most trusted, empowering and results-oriented real estate brand in the Michigan market. Our agents educate, inform and council home buyers and sellers through one of the most important life decisions they will make. Through exceptional quality of service and a commitment to excellence, we ensure our clients have an experience worth sharing.

Jessica Woodbeck

CEO & Co-founder

Justin Woodbeck

Broker & Co-founder

Tony Dombrowski

VP of Operations

Kristin Bond

Business Development Mgr.

Trish Thompson

Business Operations Manager

What our Agents say

Thrives bootcamp is awesome! It’s where the special ops team brings you in to do an interactive course to go over all things thrive, from what media does for the team to our TC service which helps transact all of our deals. Aside from the comradery the training you get from thrive is the best in the business.

- Amber Yaklin (recent boot camp attendee) 
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